Tuesday, 15 January 2013

In Case You Missed It: Real Housewives of Atlanta + Kenya Moore PERFORMS New Song

Screen Shot 2013 01 14 at 8.15.37 AM In Case You Missed It: Real Housewives of Atlanta + Kenya Moore PERFORMS New Song

Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta gave us the opportunity to watch Nene and her hubby, Greg, make the move from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Although Nene contends that moving out to LA will help further her career as an actress, she decides that it’s best for her family to at least keep a home in Atlanta, just in case things don’t work out.
Additionally, Apollo & Phaedra demonstrate a few of their fitness moves from their donkey booty work out to Kenya Moore, who plans on using her production company to secure a distribution for the DVD. The problems arise when Kenya requests a portion
of the back end of the sales of the DVD. While Kenya feels that the work she’s done in securing a distribution deal should speak volumes, Phaedra feels that asking for anything beyond what was already agreed was doing too much!
I don’t know the particulars about production and distribution deals but what I do know is that as an outsider, it doesn’t seem like Kenya was asking for much. From where I sit, Phaedra wanted Kenya and her company to provide top tier service without offering much in terms of payment. What’s you guys’ take on that?
In case your life wasn’t fulfilled enough, get into Kenya’s performance of her song, Gone With the Wind Fabulous on Watch What Happens Live (below). I swear she should put this shit on a tshirt and called it a day.
After the break, check out the full episode of RHOA and post your thoughts!